Suffix Assignment

For this assignment you will create a Power Point (PPT). For each page of your Power Point you will:

  • Name the Suffix.
  • Give the Meaning of the Suffix.
  • Give two example words that use the Suffix.
  • Use one word that have the suffix in a sentence showing you understand the meaning.
  • Draw or find a picture that shows the meaning of the suffix.

Set 1

Example Words
able to be
excitable, portable, preventable
act of killing
homicide, suicide, genocide
full of
helpful, thankful, cheerful
abnormal fear of
acrophobia, claustrophobia, xenophobia
study of, science of
anthropology, archaeology, biology
one who loves
bibliophile, audiophile, pyrophile
younger or inferior
duckling, underling
resembling, characteristic
childlike, homelike, lifelike
circle, wheel
bicycle, recycle, tricycle
fearless, helpless, homeless

Set 2:
denoting a condition, quality, skill or group
companionship, citizenship, fellowship, workmanship, membership
to make or become, to treat in a manner
demonize, fossilize, criticize
To make
Magnify, Unify, Petrify
In the direction of
Forward, backward, homeward
a belief or practice
activism, terrorism, socialism
One who believes
Activist, terrorist, socialist
-or, -er
One who does or takes part in
Doctor, teacher, diver
psychosis hypnosis, metamorphosis
-ic, ics
Having to do with, things having to do with
Dramatic,physics, acidic
order, quality
neighborhood, motherhood, brotherhood