Student Council Elections

Student Council Positions:

President - elected by all students - oversees the council agendas and meetings. In addition, the president coordinates all council activities.

Vice President - Chosen by the President - keeps order at the meetings assumes the role of the President if the President isn't there

Secretary - Chosen by the President - keeps minutes at the meetings. Responsible for sending communications from the Council to the Administration.
Historian - Chosen by the President - takes photographs, documents events of the Student Council and creates a memory book.

Grade 9 Representative - elected by Grade 9
Grade 10 Representative - elected by Grade 10 - bring issues to the council from their constituents

Role of Student Government
  1. Shares students’ ideas, interests, and concerns with teachers and school principals.
  2. Plan school-wide activities, including social events, field trips, community projects
  3. Helps make the school a great place to learn.

Campaign Posters:

House LOGO
Red-Dragon.png Blue-Lion.png

Example Posters: