K12 Biology Unit 1 Review Assignment

To practice our note taking and summarizing skills (and to get extra credit in Biology), we are going to create a PPT as a review of your first Biology Unit for your test.

1. Create one slide for the following lessons:

1.01 Semester Introduction
1.02 Scientific Methods
1.03 Scientific Processes 1
1.04 Scientific Processes 2
1.05 Using a Microscope
1.06 Characteristics of Life 1
1.07 Characteristics of Life 2
1.08 Characteristics of Life 3
1.09 Energy & Life
1.10 Structure & Life

2. Each slide should contain a summary of what you have learned in your own words. Any copying and pasting will result in ZERO extra credit points issued.

You may include charts, graphs, pictures, etc. Have fun and show your creativity.

3. Submit to the extra credit dropbox AFTER you submit your Unit 1 Test. Be sure to label it clearly!