Giving Directions Assignment

Due Date: Monday September 24, 2012

Useful Words and Phrases:

  • Turn Right

  • Turn Left

  • Go Straight

  • At the (place, traffic light, name of street) , turn left

  • When you get to the ___, go straight

  • Go down/up ___ floors.

  • Go all the way down to the floor.

  • At the bottom of the stairs, .

  • Walk _meters

  • Walk for about _minutes.

  • You will come to a ___.

  • There is a on the left.

  • It's on the corner of _(Street Name) and __(Street Name).

  • Take line 1 to _(name of the Stop...ex...Lianhua Rd).

  • Use the __exit (Exit 1...exit 2...etc) to leave the station.


1. Choose your favorite restaurant in Shanghai

2. Use Smart Shanghai to find the street address.

3.. Look at the map on Smart Shanghai:

4. Give directions from Wan Yuan Campus to your favorite restaurant.

5. You can give directions by taxi, walking, taking the metro or a combination of all three.

6. Your directions should be step-by-step

(Use phrases like...First, Second, Third. After that, Next, Then. )

7. Number your steps. Separate each step by number.