Book Poster

For this project, you will choose a book from our library that is at least 200 pages that you will read over the holiday break.

After you have read create a poster about your book. Your goal is to encourage others to read your book. Your book must be a book chosen from the library. No other books will be accepted. This must be a traditional book. No comic books/graphic novels. Your book poster cannot be on a book that has already been made into a movie. NO Twilight, Harry Potter, Vampire Diaries, Wimpy Kid, Hunger Games,...etc.

The poster should include:

1. the title of the book (This should be the biggest/most noticeable part of your poster)

2. the author (This should be the second biggest/most noticeable part)...

3. Creative and colorful images/pictures showing

o the main characters' personality & what they look like
o what the story is about or central message
o where the story takes place
o one or two main events

The poster and picture should NOT be based on the front cover of the book.

4. A catchy phrase that will draw others to the book. You can take a quote directly from the book.

Your poster must be in COLOR and in ink. Black and white drawings, stick figures, pencil drawings, ....etc will NOT be accepted.
The assignment is due the first day of school on February 19th. No late work will be accepted, no exceptions This will be the first test grade of the new semester. Make it count. And have FUN. OR ELSE!!!

A few examples are below or you can take a look here for some ideas.

casablanca-1942.jpg 48187_3247172358170_583460290_o.jpg

Book Thief Movie Poster.jpg 7f481fc812cde6c349475c45070b53f6.jpg