Assignment: Autobiography PowerPoint
Due Date: September 23, 2011

Your assignment is to create an autobiography book exploring the wonders of you and your life.

Your Biography Book will have the following items:

Cover Page – Illustrated page with your name and a title for book
- Example: Andrew Ward – Outstanding Teacher of Greatness

Dedication- Write a dedication to someone who has had an impact on your life.

Chapter 1 Who Am I?
- Include a picture of yourself and a poem using the below format:

(Your First Name)
(Four adjectives to describe yourself)
Son or daughter of (Your parents’ names)
Lover of (3 words)
Who feels (3 words)
Who fears (3 words)
Who would like to see (3 Words)
Resident of (neighborhood, town, country)
(Last Name)

Chapter 2My Name
- Talk about the origins of your name.
- Use the website - to find
information about your name.
- Why did you parents give you this name?
- What famous people have your name?

Chapter 3 – My Birthday
- Give the date and what the day was like when you were born.
- Talk about important things that happen on this day in history.
- Use the website,
- Talk about your best birthday so far.
- Add pictures and decorate

Chapter 4 – My Life Map
- Include a picture map of the most important events in your life

Chapter 5 - My Family
- Name each member of your family, include a picture, and tell something about each one of them.

Chapter 6 - My Favorite Things
- Tell about things that make you happy, excited …etc.

Chapter 7 – Things I don’t like
- Tell abut things that make you sad, get you down, annoyed ..etc

Chapter 8 - A Great Place
- Name or describe a place that is special to you.
- Tell about why it is such a great place.

Chapter 9 –My Favorite Person
- Who is your favorite person in the world?
- Describe that person and why he or she is important to you.

Chapter 10 - Words to live by__
- What is your favorite proverb or quote and why?
- How does it apply to your life?