50 States Travel Brochure

1. For this assignment you will create a travel brochure to convince people to visit the state.

2. You have two options: (A) You can use the Front & Back Template to create your brochure or (B) You can use the Blank Template to create your own.

3. Your brochure will need to include the following:

A Brief summary of the setting, with highlights of important places to visit, activities to do, and interesting things about the state

• A Picture of the State

• Major cities, Well-known places

• Historic Sites and Landmarks

• Recreation and Outdoor Activities—parks, sports, water

• Arts and Culture, including food, museums, theaters, places to visit

• Pictures/Graphics

4. For more information check the following sites and look for your state:

In yahoo.com, you can use the search term tourism and the name of your state.

Here are some examples: